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For the non-Korean the language and culture of Korea can be perplexing. This is exacerbated sometimes by poor English skills and lack of familiarity with foreign cultural needs. Our approach to move management helps to meet high priority needs on arrival and immediately after. We also connect expatriate families to reputable local service organizations and individuals to secure increased comfort. For a smooth transition to Korea there has to be a swift ramp up from nothing to a fully functioning home environment.

It requires a lot of necessities to be organized in advance of arrival and shortly thereafter. We assist with:

  • In-depth Tour of Neighborhood Amenities
  • Arrange Move Management
  • Furniture Purchase/Rental
  • Vehicle Purchase/Rental
  • Arrange Newspaper and Water Delivery
  • Connecting Utilities
  • Local amenities (food shopping, dry cleaning, places of worship)
  • Opening Bank Account/Credit Cards
  • Mobile Phone Purchase and Registration
  • Domestic Services (maid, cleaning, baby sitting, gardening, drivers, language tutors etc.)
  • Introduction to Entertainment/Activities
Tel : +82-2-797-0330

Relocation Services
- Facility management
- Convenient life service
- Communications service
- Medical and insurance
- Financial errand service
- Network of emergency
- Preview / Look-See Trip
- Home Search
- Document Assistance
- Settling-In
- Cross Culture Training
- Departure Program
- Property Management
- Accommodation
- Work outsourcing
- Relocation
- Request
Immigration Control
- Korea Visa
- Alien Registration Card
- Returning, Re-issuance
- Reporting Obligations
- Driver's License
- Request

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